Agribank in conjunction with FBC Bank is in the market to raise US$40 million through Agro bills, to support the agriculture sector for the 2018/19 cropping season, following the granting of all the regulatory approvals. The Banks have jointly raised US$20 million each year since 2013, with a cumulative total of US$65 million. Over the years, the Agro bills have been oversubscribed and the two Banks have consistently paid on maturity

The Banks have deliberately agreed to expand their agricultural interventions in support of Government's efforts to expand agricultural production and productivity by doubling the Agro bills funding to US$40 million

The conditions for the US$40 million Agro bills are:

Agribank is expanding its support to the agricultural sector targeting US$105 million agricultural financing inclusive of both on balance sheet and off balance sheet financing. Total disbursements to date (in excess of US$80 million) indicate that the Bank will surpass the initial target for the 2017/18 cropping season