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What is an Agent?
  • Agency banking is where Agribank appoints a third party (agent) to transact business on its behalf. The agent could be a petrol station, a supermarket, a permanent mobile money agent, a retail shop and hardware shop, among others. Those agents have the opportunity to share income with the Agribank on fees and commissions for all the transactions that they perform.
What services are offered by Agribank Agents?
  • The bank’s customers will be able to do the following transactions:
  • Apply for Agriplus “ 2 minute account”
  • Cash Deposits
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Internal Transfers
  • Balance Enquiries
  • Mini Statements
What the key benefits of becoming an Agribank Agent and Customers?
  • Agent banking is a catalyst for financial inclusion and the deepening of the financial sector so that the Bank is more accessible to its customers
  • Agents will earn commission and fees from the transactions done through their POS.
  • Banking will be cheaper and more accessible to the AgriBank’s customers
How do I become an Agribank Agent?
  • Please contact your nearest branch for full details