The Agricultural Bank of Zimbabwe, in its present state, has evolved in various forms over the past 82 years. Its roots can be traced to 1924 when the Land and Agricultural Bank was found to cater for the needs of commercial farmers of the day. In 1971 the Agriculture Finance Corporation (AFC) was conceived through an act of Parliament, which amalgamated the Land and Agricultural Bank and the Agricultural Assistance Board.

In 1996, the Bank was incorporated as the Agricultural Bank of Zimbabwe and was subsequently granted a commercial licence in June 1999. The Bank began its operations on 10 January 2000 and remains focused on agricultural lending to farmers, augmented by Corporate, Treasury and Retail Banking operations, in all parts of Zimbabwe throughout its wide branch network. Agribank currently has more than 40 branches throughout all the provinces of Zimbabwe.


The Agricultural Bank of Zimbabwe Limited (AGRIBANK) is a registered commercial bank in terms of the Banking Act (Chapter 24:20). Its main business is the povision of agricultural finance, retail banking, treasury and corporate banking services.


The Bank is wholly owned by the Government of Zimbabwe. The shareholding structure is:

50% Ministry of Agriculture.

50% Ministry of Finance

Legal Mandate

Agribank's role is that of a development finance institution with both loan granting and deposit taking functions. Agribank is subject to the supervision of the RBZ and operates in terms of the Banking Act.

Agribank is a registered commercial bank in terms of the Banking Act of Zimbabwe (Chapter 24:20) and is subject to the supervision of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The Bank is a loan granting and deposit taking agricultural development financial institution.
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